Sardinia Beach Tour from Cagliari

Get an unforgettable experience by touring the gorgeous Sardinia beaches! Our underwater photos are proof of just how clear and pristine the waters are, as well as how much fun you can have when you spend a day on tour with us.

The July and August shore excursions consist of touring the southernmost coasts of Sardinia, where you will experience the stunning beaches and bays. Before we head towards the first beach, you will be picked up from your Cagliari hotel or guest house at 9:00. The drive will allow you to witness a panoramic view of the coastline. If you and the rest of the group would prefer, we can stop by one of the bays for some snorkeling or swimming.


As we drive towards the southwest coast, you and the group will be given the choice of which beach you’d like to visit. There are seven options in total:

Chia, Malfatano, Porto Pino, Porto Piscini, Porto Tramazzu, Saprtivento, and Tuerredda.


If we head towards the southeast coast, your group will be able to choose from eight different beaches: Cala Regina, Cala Sinzias, Costa Rei, Mari Pintau, Porto Giunco, Sant’Elmo, Solanas, and Spiaggie San Pietro.


We will stop at not just one, but at least three different beaches during the day. Each time, you’ll be given around two hours of leisure time to explore and enjoy yourself. The decision of which ones we’ll visit depends on your group’s preferences, as well as that day’s wind direction. Whatever day you choose to take the tour, wind conditions will determine which beaches can offer the best experiences.

You will be able to spend some time at a Beach-bar at most of the stops we make along the Sardinia coast. They will offer delicious drinks and snacks for you to enjoy, as well as a bathroom in some cases.

After a splendid day of relaxation and fun, we will drop you off at your accommodation by 17:00 (5PM). Once everyone is settled, we will upload and share all the pictures and underwater photos we took during the trip onto our Dropbox or Google Drive account for you to view.


On Tour you choose between the beaches:

South west coast

  • Chia,
  • Spartivento, Tuerredda, Malfatano,
  • Porto Piscini,
  • Porto Tramazzu,
  • Porto Pino


South east coast

  • Cala Regina,
  • Mari Pintau,
  • Solanas,
  • Porto Giunco,
  • Spiaggie San Pietro,
  • Cala Sinzias,
  • Sant'Elmo,
  • Costa Rei


Pick-up in the morning:


Beach Tour

€ 40

South coast

To book a tour just contact us via e-mail or WhatsApp at +39 3924114852

Prices are per person, including the current VAT rate










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