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Sardinia’s beautiful Costa Verde is home to thriving wildlife. Its natural environment is fully intact, including rocky cliffs, white sand dunes, populated forests, and ancient trees weathered over the years by weather and wind.

Costa Verde, Sardinia is one of the region’s top-rated landscapes and travel destinations.

As you walk down any sandy beach along this coast, you’ll be amazed at how marvelously the white sand dunes complement the local wildlife and flora. The animals roam freely here; including fallow deer, hares, wild boars, and feral cats; giving you the sense that you’re truly experience Sardinia without the distractions of the city.

Costa Verde is one of the well-kept Sardinia secrets that we’ll visit, remaining sparsely populated and fairly untouched by outsiders. This is one of the main reasons why you can witness the ancient forests, temples, abandoned mines, and animals without feeling that they have been manipulated in some way for tourists. When you travel in Sardinia, a visit to this charming west coast should not be missed.

Day Trip


€ 90

Inputs included

The tour includes:

  • Murals of San Sperate
  • Sand dunes of Piscinas
  • Ingurtosu
  • Portixeddu
  • Capo Pecora or Cala Domestica
  •  Panorama point of Nebida


Pick-up in the morning:


Prices are per person, including the current VAT rate










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