Fishing in Sardinia Has Never Been Easier!

We provide fishing trips as part of our South Sardinia tours. They are included as one of our Cagliari excursions, and are created to allow spinning and jigging experts, as well as beginners, to enjoy some relaxing time away from traditional sight-seeing.

Fishing in Sardinia is available year-round, especially if you’re interested in catching bluefish or barracuda. However, fish like sea-bream and sea bass will only be available from December to August, sometimes only to March. If you wish to fish for octopus or cuttlefish, it’ll be best to plan the trip for the colder months.

Since we are based in the capital, you can add the fishing trip to your Cagliari travel package if you’d prefer. We are available for service at any month, since the city is easily reachable by even low-coast companies.

If you require some help finding accommodations for an affordable price, we can make arrangements for you at a local hotel or B&B.

We do not require you to bring your own gear, as we readily rent fishing equipment and bait for 20 Euro a day (40 Euro for three days). Please note that lost equipment must be replaced.

It is recommended that your fishing group does not exceed more than 4 people, as we are adept at providing the best Cagliari fishing experience for smaller groups.

Those looking to spend more than three days on this fishing tour in order to catch a diverse range of fish can contact us with their request. We can organize your trip and ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions about the fish varieties, such as which seasons specific fish are available, feel free to ask.

Enjoy this fantastic Cagliari excursion comfortably by allowing us to arrange your trip. Why wait? Contact us today, and we’ll get started on setting you up for your unique fishing adventure.

Night-Time Fishing in Sardinia Is Safe and Comfortable With Cagliari Excursions

Our Night Excursions for fishing are great fun for everybody

Standard Night-Time Fishing

Schedules for fishing trips often depend on the weather and wind. We also take into account the cliff, marina, or beach tides to provide a safe and comfortable experience for all of our customers.

Night fishing in Sardinia normally begins at 5:30 PM, and will take around 1-2 hours to reach the best spots. We provide service throughout the night, as well as at sunrise if you wish to continue.

Night Tour

€ 90

10 - 12 h

we practice the whole year sunset and sunrise excursion in hundreds of spots we know

Sunrise/Sunset Fishing

We also offer a special sunrise & sunset fishing experience, perfect for catching Barracuda, Sea Bass, and Bluefish. These varieties are most available late in the afternoon or early in the morning.

This excursion begins around 1.5 hours before sunrise or sunset. Normally, it will take around 5 minutes to prepare the equipment before you can enjoy yourself.We make fishing in Sardinia fun and convenient for both experts and beginners. Why wait to have some fun? Give us a call today!



€ 70

4-6 h

Dentex we catch often by trolling or vertical jigging. It's a good fight to bring'em up

Cagliari Boat Trips For Fishing in Sardinia

Vertical Jigging or Trolling

This Cagliari excursion is perfect for those familiar with vertical jigging or trolling.

We will take the boat out before sunrise, as it takes about 30 minutes to reach the perfect spots. Once we find the best fishing spot, you’ll be able to enjoy all the vertical jigging you desire.




By Boat

€ 160

6-8 h

Prices are per person, including the current VAT rate










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