Travel Cagliari and Visit the Magnificent City Wonders

Sardinia’s capital, Cagliari, is a truly wondrous place to visit. The panorama Cagliari has is filled with both historic and modern extravagances, perfect for tourists who wish to travel Sardinia by experiencing the best it has to offer. We’ll take our Cagliari taxi and drive you through the famed salt marshes, home to “The Pink People” flamingo population.

Once we reach the capital, we’ll begin our city tour pasting Saint Augustine, Piazza Matteotti, and Via Roma. You’ll get to witness the cultural richness of the area before we arrive at Castello, a castle located at the peak of Cagliari.

We’ll park the taxi at Belvedere, where you can relax from the drive by taking an easy walk around Buon Cammino. This will take us to Porta Cristina, a 13th century medieval town with a long history of Pisans, Piedmonts, Spanish influence. Notably, you’ll be able to visit the Tower of San Pancrazio and the Piazza d’Independence. The buildings and towers here alone is a prominent addition to your Sardinia tour.

The Cagliari panorama at the top of Buon Cammino offers terrific views of the city itself, Gulf of Cagliari, and Gulf of Angels. On top of this, you’ll attain an appreciation for the natural wonders of South Sardinia as you witness the vast salt marshes, Sulcis Mountains, west lagoons, and the mesmerizing Mountains of the Seven Brothers.

Once you’ve felt that you’ve experienced the panoramic view enough, we’ll drive back down the traditional cobblestone street towards Piazza Mafalda of Savoy, where the Cagliari Cathedral is located. Here, we’ll provide a short tour of the Crypt of the Martyrs, a unique experience you can only attain through our Cagliari excursion package.

The intimate streets of Cagliari will take us further towards Bastione di Saint Remy, where you’ll once again have an amazing view, this time over Piazza Costituzione. As our city tour comes to an end, we’ll take you to the Torre dell’Elefante and Porta Leone. This will be our last stop before leaving Castello.

We end our busy tour day by providing some leisure time in Cagliari’s bustling shopping district. You can browse through local and high fashion boutiques, shoe stores, jewelry stores, and even ice cream shops. In addition to this, you can visit the oldest coffee shop established in Cagliari and end your day with a relaxing cup of local coffee.

As you enjoy the city, we’ll make transportation arrangements for the entire group, and you will be picked up as soon as you’re done shopping to comfortably be driven back to your Sardinian hotel.

The tour includes:

  • Monte Urpinu
  • Belvedere
  • Castello (the Castle)
  • The Elephant Tower
  • Piazza Arsenale
  • Piazza Indipendenza
  • Royal Palace (outside)
  • Cathedral (inside)
  • The Bastion of Saint Remy
  • Pink Flamingos


Pick-up in the morning:


Half Day


€ 60

Inputs included

Prices are per person, including the current VAT rate










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