Visit San Sperate, the Art Capital of Sardinia

San Sperate, also known as the Museum Village, is one of our Cagliari excursions. Located a little while from the capital, this artist town is small but internationally renowned for its beautiful sculptures and over 500 wall paintings. Additionally, local Sardinians favor San Sperate as being the best place to purchase Washington oranges and juicy peaches from, which are available at the weekly Wednesday farmer’s market.

Once we arrive to the town, you will have the chance to explore the streets, which you’ll realize are art pieces on their own accord. The different shapes, figures, and colors you see all around the town will stimulate your creativity.

Being a popular artist destination, international photographers roam the streets of San Sperate, taking pictures of the unique art the town has to offer. You can find flower pots created with a number of peculiar materials such as bricks, bottles, sheepskin, old bicycle parts, and even cloth. If you walk further down the streets, you will reach the Rock Garden made by Pinuccio Sciola, a famous artist who gained popularity through his “singing stones.”

Though San Sperate is home to a diverse population of art, its priority has always been to maintain the ancient traditions of Sardinia. Therefore, on this city tour, you’ll have the chance to purchase souvenirs that are completely traditional and unique to San Sperate, a feat you may not achieve if not on our Sardinia tour.

With the enormous artist population and vast range of traditional wonders, San Sperate is perfect for the traveler who seeks to experience the beautiful combination of history and art in one single place.

The tour includes:

  • visit of the murals
  • visit by the Sound Stone Garden of Pinuccio Sciola
  • for interest guests, visit at a Sardinian knife and ceramic art shop


Pick-up in the morning:


Half Day


€ 60

Inputs included

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