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We bring you to the Top 10 Beaches from Cagliari. We show you the Top Sites and the best highlights in Sardinia. We offer a perfect Transfer Service from the Airport and wonderful Roundtrips for small groups

Our Most Popular Beach tours

The most beautiful beaches of the south-east and south west coast, are not reachable by boat because of the distance. We offer you perfect organized beach tours to visit the Top 10 beaches.

Half Day Excursions from Cagliari

Visit the most beautiful places not far from Cagliari

Cagliari city tour
Site-seeing tour of Cagliari with panoramas, historical sites and flamingos in their natural setting


Top Shore Excursions from Cagliari Full Day

Visit the Top Sites from Cagliari

History and Wildlife
Enjoy the archaeological and natural splendors of Barumini and the ‘Giara’


Top Offers

Explore the real Sardinia with small groups for different day‘s. Experience  culture, wine, archaeological sites the best beach destinations near Cagliari

Informations about beach tours
Beach tours from Cagliari to the dream beaches of South Sardinia 

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Excursions for Cruise ship guests

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Short guided Tours from Cagliari

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