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One week through Sardinia

Round Trips in Sardinia

For our Round Trips we only take small groups

Maximum 8 Persons plus the Driver/Guide. Bigger groups can be organized on request.

You see 3 times more because

We do not waste time changing accommodation every day. We choose strategic points from which we organize the excursions,
so you will have minimum stress with checking in or out and preparing your suitcases.

The Food is quite superb

You'll taste real Sardinian food, not imitations. The diet is one of the tastiest and healthiest in Europe. The oldest family in the world lives right here in this
island and Sardinia also has the largest percentage of centenarians per head of the population.


With our small manageable groups, we have maximum flexibility to change itineraries and programs in a matter of minutes.

Round Trips 2020

Our Round Trips are starting in March 2018 and will run through to  April-May-October and November. In the coming weeks
we will bring you up-to-date on our new, different itineraries.

VAT N° P.IVA: 03483330928

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