Trekking in Sardinia 2021

Exploring the beautiful mountain and sea side


Let's go and explore amazing places in Sardinia in 4 trekking day's. You will discover forests, canyons, rivers, beaches, historical places and unforgeable panoramas.

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Trekking Tour





The best period is March to April until mid-May. The first blooming time starts in January and the island reaches its very special splendor from the second half of March. Throughout April through to the second half of May, the island is a real paradise of Colors and Fragrances.


Those who not only go hiking but also love the beaches should travel in September and October. The sea is nice and warm. There are few people and the end summertime light enchants every visitor.





Special offer for groups
Organize a group of 8 people, so the round trip for the organizer cost half the price.



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The Photos of the website are realized by Nelly Dietzel, Luigi Garavaglia and Dirk Kastner