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Impressions of the Excursion

Unique to Sardinia

Visit the last master of marine byssus, or sea silk


In Jules Verne's novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the ship’s crew wear clothes made of byssus ("sea-shell fabric"). Kings and Priests throughout history  have worn this cloth. Experience the magic of a tradition lost in time and unique in the world.

Welcome to the island of Sant’Antioco, which is also home to the oldest settlement  in Sardinia.

As we take you there you’ll enjoy the unique panoramic points of the south-west coast and we introduce you to the ‘Queen of the south’.


Costa del Sud, south west coast

Chia, Tueredda, Malfatano, Porto Pino

Sant'Antioco peninsula

Visit the last master of marine byssus

The Basilica 500 AC (catacombs)

Fragrances of the vegetation

The Queen of the south (only if we start from Cagliari)


Pick up is at 9:00-9:30 am

Cruise Ship Guests (Time over e-mail)

At the Port or your accommodation

Duration 7-8 hours

Comfortable dress and sturdy shoes




Admission to Chiara Vigo is free. You can make a donation if you want. The ticket for the catacombs costs 3 € / person and is to pay extra.

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