Explore the most various Landscapes of Sardinia

Tour to the highest Sand Dunes of Sardinia



Amazing Landscapes

Explore the most beautiful and wildest coast of Sardinia

Sardinia’s beautiful Costa Verde is home to thriving wildlife. Its natural environment is fully intact, including rocky cliffs, white sand dunes, populated forests, and ancient trees weathered over the years by the force of the elements, wind in particular.
Sardinia’s Costa Verde, is one of the region’s top-rated landscapes and travel destinations.
As you walk down any sandy beach along this coast, you’ll be amazed at how spectacularly the white sand dunes complement the local wildlife and flora. The animals that roam freely here include fallow deer, hares, wild boars and feral cats. You will feel that you’re truly experiencing Sardinia without the distractions of the city.

Murals of San Sperate (only if we start from Cagliari)
Sand dunes of Piscinas
Capo Pecora or Cala Domestica
Sugar loaf
Panorama point of Nebida

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Duration 8 hours
Comfortable dress and sturdy shoes
Min 6 persons

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