One week around in Sardinia

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Sardinia Roundtrip 2024

On week around in Paradise

We offer different round trips on Sardinia Island. We have mostly guests from all over the world, interests in different things they like to experience. There are people interest in historical sites, art, wine and beautiful landscapes, others like more beaches, nature maybe mixed with boat trips and some are people interested in traditions like carnival, dresses and cooking lessons.
The favorite week tour program with a good mix of a little bit of all you can exam under round trips . We are  flexible with our programs. If you like to change things, everything is possible. We love to design a exclusive Round Trip for you. Just tell us what kind of things you like and we work it out.

Round Trips

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Included in the round trip is Airport Transfer, Accommodation with breakfast and dinner and the tickets for the sites we are going to visit. The flight is not included, but we can help you to find a economic one with the help of our business partners.

We choose the accommodations carefully, because we like excellent food, comfortable beds, clean bathrooms and beautiful around the accommodations.

We organize round trips only for smal groups, normally 4-8 persons. In case of request we can handle also more, but we do it only with maximum 8 persons per car.

Prices up from

Special offer for groups
Organize a group of 8 people, so the round trip for the organizer cost half the price.