Tour to the Red Rocks of Arbatax and Perda Longa

Through the mountains to the marvelous east side



Sardinia East Coast Tour

Red Rocks & Gorgeous Bay‘s

We start from Cagliari and cross the beautiful mountains of the so-called ‘seven brothers’ range. Following the road over the amazing landscapes of the east, we reach the Red Rocks of Arbatax.
We enjoy this great place and the incredible views over the coast and mountains before we head for the White Rocks. We drive up to Baunei and down to the breathtaking Perda Longa. If the weather is good you will have the chance to take a swim in this wonderful bay and to breathe the real beauty of our magic Island.
Back to Baunei, we enjoy a nice walk through the forest to visit the Grutta de Janas. The panorama from here is indescribable. The fragrances and the variety of plants, rocks and colours will put you in harmony with the world. If there is time left, we stop in the town for a walk.

Visit the Red Rocks (Rocce Rosse)
Visit the White Stones (Perda Longa)
Swimming at Perda Longa
Visit Grutta de Janas (altar of the stone age)

Pick up is at 8:00-8:30 am (If we need to pick-up other guests along the coast a little earlier)
At the Port or your accommodation
Duration 8-10 hours (depending if we stop in a restaurant or just take sandwiches)
Comfortable dress and sturdy shoes
Swimming togs (swim shoes)
Min 6 Persons
This tour is not possible for cruise ship guests


No tickets extra required

Special offer for groups
Organize a group of 8 people and pay only for 7. If you go on a Cruise you may search people for your group, over the Cruise Critic Forum or using the Social Networks. Contact us and let us know the details, before you act.

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Why this Tour:
It’s much cheaper than renting a car
You don’t need to drive
You wouldn’t find easily the highlight’s
You see 3 times more
You’ll meet great people